Lankeleisi MG740Plus electric bike cruiser Review

Equipped with a hydraulic disc brake 180MM disc brake, front suspension front fork, fat tires, and excellent handling, equipped with 48V20ah large capacity lithium battery and powerful front and rear 1ooow hub motors, this electric bike is the best in its class. Technological innovations are required to stand the test of time. You can be sure of the most comfortable ride on more terrain of your choice.

Important Features Of Lankeleisi MG740PLUS

1000W*2 electric hub motor

The front and rear are equipped with two 48V ebike 1000w dual-drive high-speed brushless motors with strong power output. The interior adopts a star wheel design, which can amplify the torque and improve the energy efficiency conversion rate.

40° maximum climb

The 1000W*2 brushless motor provides the power to climb up to 40°. Its internal use of a star gear design improves speed performance and climbing performance. Motor torque: 90N/M front and rear,

48V 17.5Ah battery

48V 17.5AH removable lithium battery, comprehensive double protection, strong output, always stable, easy to charge. 48v ebike battery The cruising range of pure electric mode is about 60 km, and the cruising range of power-assisted mode is about 120 km.

Multicolor Smart LCD Display

MG740 PLUS is equipped with an intelligent LCD instrument, a new interactive interface, an integrated gear switch, bicycle data viewing, power output setting, IP64 waterproof and dustproof quality, and reliability.

26*4.0 inch tires

26*4.0-inch wheel diameter fat tires are suitable for large potholes and muddy roads, and can easily pass through speed bumps. fat bike tires width can reach 10 cm, with anti-slip and anti-vibration functions, and the span is longer, larger, faster and less labor-saving.

Front fork suspension

Lockable forks are used to improve rider coozy in the event of a crash.

Shimano 7-speed gear

The Shimano 7-speed cassette means you can switch to a bigger gear for uphill riding or a smaller gear for more speed. Combined with the ebike pedals assist system, you can adjust the right speed to complete your journey.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

It adopts DYISLAND power-off oil disc, dual front and rear disc brake systems, and an S disc brake disc, which dissipates heat quickly and can brake efficiently and smoothly even in emergency braking.

Drive mode

Dual Motor Electric Bike Front And Rear Dual Drives, Control System: 48v Ebike Controller



Applicable height


Whether the speed limit can be lifted: yes

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