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What are the uses of electric bikes
1  The emergence of electric bikes has greatly helped people in short-distance commuting to and from work, and at the same time, it has also added a lot of fun to everyone in terms of life and entertainment.
2  Electric bicycles can be used after charging, and do not need to be refueled like traditional cars. Compared with pure electric vehicles, it is more economical and can save a lot of social resources.


Our journey started in 2011 with the mission of bringing the joy of riding to more people. We have a fully functional system that helped our bikes reach over 500,000 riders. Our bikes have been sold in more than 30 national markets around the world. Well-known for its unique fat tire design, LANKELEISI has released more than 30 different products with 8 full lines of eBikes.

Lankeleisi’s Product Line Comprises Teenager-friendly E-bikes As Well As Models That Fulfils The Urges Of Hardcore E-scooter Riders. Our Highly Experienced Team Of Engineers Are Constantly Developing New Technologies To Improve The Riding Experience By Implementing Unique Features.

The Best After sales

Aftersales Team Based In Europe Allows Users To Utilized All The Warranty Services Locally. Our Dedicated Customer Support Can Be Reached Via Phone Call Or Email For Your Convenience.


At Lankeleisi, We Build Vehicles, Not Toys. Our Proprietary Powertrain Delivers Signature Boosted Performance With Instant Acceleration And Confidence-inspiring Braking.

Come along with us as we create, invent, and change the face of transportation!

Email: service@lankeleisi-eu.com